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☆ Aozora ☆

nougatinee | pooth
well ... I'm Frenchgirl of 18 years old =)*
I'm little shy, but when we know a lot each other, i'll be a talkative personn :$
I love: listening music, art, asia, taking photos, panda, pink, friends, doramas, movie, music show, johnny's show etc :)
I'm big fan of Johnny's entertainemebt and YG family~~
My favourite JE are: Yamapi, Keii-chan,Senga,Kameii,Shoon
My favourite Je groups are: NewS (all !8! members), Kis-my-ft2 and Ya-Ya-yah (i'm loving them forever♥)
My Favourite YG are: G-dragon (big addiction), Seungri,CL,Dara
My favourite YG group are: 2ne1 and Big Bang (actually.. I only love old song by them...)
But I also love another artist in jpop (one ok rock, flumpool, ELLEGARDEN, Mika Nakashima etc..) and Kpop (FT.Island,Epik High,T-ara etc..)

I'm crazy about jdoramas like i said, my favourites are: Nobuta wo produce, last friends, Bloody monday, Koizora, you're beautifull and so on :)

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I SPENT Valentine's Day together with [Kusano Hironori] .

Keiichiro Koyama + me » otp!

Senga Kento said I'm his cute little koala in his back