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Have a rant| Shoon leave Johnny's

Hello everyone,

I'm just sorry.. I don't update my LJ often, and I don't comment your LJ yet... I'm so sorry
Today... I don't do a update like usually, This update it's just about "Shoon support"
I'm really upset,sad about this new :'(  (Thanks to Emma[info]pandapaw  to tell me this news..)

But I think, it's the 'better' choice Shoon could do... It's right,he'll probably never debut,stay a junior all his life, and he'll finish to be "forget" by Johnny's agency...

Then  finnally it's Shoon's choice, and of course everypeople need to accept it and support him forever!


But i'm very upset about johnny's agency !

At first they disband Ya-Ya-yah,they choose ONLY the popular members from this band, for make a new "GREAT" band for debut, and just leave aside another members (Taiyou and Shoon). But , isn't UNFAIR ?! Taiyou and Shoon had worked hard for debut too!! they just forget them like rubbish!
Taiyou has leave Johnny almost in same time Ya-ya-yah disbanded, but Shoon, he try to continue, he work hard, for become popular and had chance to debut, even if I think, in his deep mind, he knew he'll never debut...
But What Johnny agency did ?! They prefer to promote silly Babies as Nakayama Yuma! and I think they make him debut soon... WTF?! this dwarf baby will debut ?! he hasn't even moult !
(And have you heard? nYc will make a single call "100 % Yuuki " don't tell me it's same song that Ya-Ya-yah sang... Ifno I'll definitly hate them!)

Shoon was a great johnny's junior ♥ One of my favourite juniors ♥ The first johnny's I wrote a Letter ♥ I like him forever ♥ I'll support him forever ♥ He'll in our memories forever even if we never see him at TV again ♥






Fan aren't forget Ya-Ya-yah... ♥ and Yabu isn't too ♥ 


Mar. 9th, 2010 04:48 pm (UTC)
+si je me souviens bien, pas si je me souviens pas. Ralala. XD
Mar. 20th, 2010 09:05 pm (UTC)
ouai u_u' il pouvait pas gagner sa vie ainsi...
C'est vrai que Toma a vachement bien réussi pour un "Junior" (ça me fait même bizarre de dire Junior pour lui :o). Oh que oui le monde du business à l'air d'un monde dur..
Je ferais gaffe au prochain SC si Sanada est toujours la :o ahw ton totsubouchouàalacrèmeanglaise et ton jumeaux de jour ;) d'ailleur en parlant des Kisumai j'ai vu qu'ils allaient encore avoir un concert?! o_o c'est good (y)~~
ahw jvois c'est juste une 'covers' pas de 'gros changement' ~~ (Adammmm XD83)


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